Antiques are plentiful here at Dorn’s Used Furniture. You’ll find Victorian style chairs, Eastlake dressers with marble tops, Duncan Phyfe Tables with claw feet, Chippendale style furniture and more.

Furniture is one of the most personal special products any of us ever purchase. The dining table is the center of special holiday meals shared together with loved ones. The china cabinet holds the cherished memories of dinners past as we bring out the fine china and silver for this year’s family get-togethers. Good furniture is nurturing as we rock the baby to sleep in the vintage rocking chair or snuggle together with family and friends on the sofa while we watch TV and eat popcorn. Many of our customers are surprised when they see an antique piece of furniture like one they once saw in their grandparent’s home. It brings back a flood of cherished memories they thought they had forgotten. Like a favorite old song, great furniture carries along the memories of a lifetime into the next generation. What makes a piece of furniture a family heirloom aren’t just the memories it holds but also the quality detailed workmanship, design, and the pride the furniture maker put into it. His history and legacy is remembered by thousands of people for generations and his furniture highly sought after. Mass produced modern particle board poor quality furniture doesn’t last long enough to carry forth any fine memories, nor is it nurturing.