Home Accessories and Decor

Home accessories and decor are bountiful here at Dorn’s Used Furniture store. You’ll find lamps, linens, bedding, glassware, pictures, figurines, rugs and more. There are many vintage and antique items. We have a variety of hand-blown & collectible glassware from Fenton, Lennox, and Westmoreland. We have lead crystal bowls and vases from Germany and Princess House etched crystal. There are lots of porcelain figurnes, wildlife, and decorative plates to choose from. You’ll find fine china and dinnerware sets. Please call ahead to make sure we are open. Call my cell phone# 717-817-6288. We are going out of business! All home decor items are now half off regular price!

Please call before coming to make sure we are open. We will be closed when there is snow, ice, storms. We are a Mom & Pop store run by myself and my husband David. Occasionally we have to run errands.  Please leave a message with PHONE # if I do not answer the phone. Thank you.
Dorn’s Used Furniture
1632 Main Street Cardiff, MD 21160
Phone: 410-452-8500; Cell: 717-817-6288
Email: [email protected]